The Vision

Music Space is a community centre where musicians and music students of all levels of experience and expertise hang out, support one another and make connections. At Music Space, opportunities are discovered and partnerships are formed and developing musicians are mentored and encouraged. Accessible and participatory music-making opportunities are available for a wide variety of ages and abilities.

About Music Space

Music Space was established in 2018 to support music professionals and organizations by providing an accessible and affordable facility for music-related activities. With the help of the City of Yellowknife’s Win Your Space 2018 Competition, Mary Kelly of Music Interchange transformed a downtown office space into a community music centre. This centre is used by individuals of all ages and abilities, as program leaders or participants, engaged in their life-long experience of music-making.


Music Space is an affordable shared space for the use of independent musicians (performers, educators, facilitators, therapists) and not-for-profit music organizations. With a cozy atmosphere, music equipment and flexible set-up options, Music Space is a desirable facility for various music activities such as workshops, classes, lessons, meetings, creative processing and performances.